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Glo Graham Sollecito

giving visual voice to the unseen



Artwork from the collections below are available for sale. Click on the images or titles to explore the current collection for each medium.

I utilize mixed media and various techniques in my art including collage, acrylic paint, and beeswax.  The multi-layered organic nature of my work reflects the perfect imperfection of the human soul.

 Inspiration comes from a life of reading, travel, the study of art, world cultures, architecture and the lovely environment of my native South Florida.

It is my wish that through my art, you will find the familiar thoughts and emotions that make us one.


Women's Art Project

A constant focus of my work is the immense contribution of women to the history of art. For years I have documented and researched these largely unknown woman artists noting the ways I am connected to them and how they inspire me.

Art Talks

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“Art is my passion and driving force, I never run out of questions and the delight of infinite responses art can reveal.”

I am a native Floridian with a lifelong love of travel.  A successful 25+ year career as a certified kitchen & bath designer has allowed me to explore my creativity in the context of working with people.

“it’s a dialogue, back and forth interactions that bring to light both design solutions and artistic expression”

Having raised my children and cared for my elderly parents through their final days has given me clarity and direction.  My life’s purpose and legacy is my art and it’s my wish that through it you will be inspired on your own journey.


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Lake Worth Beach, Florida

Email: | Tel: 561-254-7736

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